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Intra Flooring has been fabricating and installing Granite, Marble, and Quartz countertops for over 10 years. We have plenty of experience helping our customers find the most unique material that is destined for their home. Since we offer exceptional service we pride ourselves in being the most friendly and knowledgeable store in the area. Our goal isn't to simply sell a job but rather to create a masterpiece... because unlike many other fabricators we believe that our trade is an art and our desire is to create the most beautiful art piece imaginable. Even if you are just shopping around to see if stone countertops are right for you, shop with us first. We will help you no questions asked! With Intra Flooring you can feel free to design your dream kitchen without the obligation of buying or constant struggle of a pesky sales person. We want you to feel at home, so come visit our showroom and let's make your next project a success. 


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Our stone countertop promise at intra flooring in kent, wa

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Our Granite Selection:

Granite: African Rainbow by INtra Flooring Kent, WA

Color: African Rainbow

Granite: Colonial White INtra Flooring  

Color: Colonial White

Granite: Safari Green Intra Flooring

Color: Safari Green

Granite: Astoria at intra Flooring kent, wa

Color: Astoria

Giallo Ornamental Granite at Intra Flooring

Color: Giallo Ornamental

Granite: Silver Waves Intra Flooring

Color: Silver Waves

Granite: Colonial Gold at Intra Flooring

Color: Colonial Gold

Giallo Rio Granite Intra Flooring

Color: Giallo Rio

Typhoon Bordeaux Granite Intra Flooring

Color: Typhoon Bordeaux

Our Quartz Selection:

Quartz: Almond Roca at Intra Flooring

Color: Almond Roca

Quartz: Alpine at Intra Flooring

Color: Alpine

Quartz: Carrara Grigio

Color: Carrara Grigio

Quartz: Pearl Grey

Color: Pearl Grey

Quartz: Romano White

Color: Romano White

Quartz: Chakra Beige

Color: Chakra Beige 

Quartz Canvas at Intra Flooring

Color: Canvas 

Quartz: Arctic White

Color: Arctic White

Quartz: Frost White

Color: Frost White

Quartz: Pebble Rock

Color: Pebble Rock

Quartz: Sparkling White

Color: Sparkling White

Quartz: Chantilly Taupe

Color: Chantilly Taupe

Quartz: Toasted Almond Intra flooring

Color: Toasted Almond

Quartz: Calacatta Verona

Color: Calacatta Verona

Quartz: Glacier White

Color: Glacier White

Quartz: Peppercorn White

Color: Peppercorn White

Quartz: Cascade White

Color: Cascade White

Quartz: Pacific Salt

Color: Pacific Salt

Quartz countertop with undermount sink
Quartz Kitchen Countertop
Bathroom Vanity Intra Flooring
White quartz island and countertops