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Our goal is to work with you until we make your home as beautiful as possible. We guarantee that we can provide the lowest price on product and installation as well as some of the highest quality work. With over 10 years of experience in the flooring industry our installers are more than just skilled in installation they live and breathe it! Let us help you make an informed decision and feel good about the end result. You will never feel pressured to buy at Intra Flooring because we pride ourselves in top tier customer service and will work hard to answer all your questions as best as we can. Request an Estimate online below, select your laminate product by browsing our online selection or visiting our showroom, or give us a call you'll be glad you did. For cheap laminate flooring in Kent try Intra Flooring first. 


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Cheap Laminate FLooring in Kent

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A Few Newly Released Products 

Emerald Isle Laminate flooring at Intra Flooring

Emerald Isle Laminate Flooring

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Mountain Aire Laminate Flooring on Sale at Intra Flooring

Mountain Aire Laminate Flooring

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Highland Park Laminate On Sale at Intra Flooring

Highland Park Laminate Flooring

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North Acres Laminate flooring on sale at Intra Flooring

North Acres Laminate Flooring

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Just a glimpse of our High Quality & Cheap Laminate selection:

Each Comes with 29 year residential warranty

TAS Laminate: Antelope Intra Flooring

Color: Antelope

Brighton Laminate Flooring

Color: Brighton

TAS Laminate Flooring: Wellington 

Color: Wellington

TAS Laminate Flooring: Hickory Toast

Color: Hickory Toast

TAS Laminate Flooring: Sunflower

Color: Sunflower

TAS Laminate Flooring: Applewood 

Color: Applewood

TAS Laminate Flooring: Caribou

Color: Caribou

TAS Laminate Flooring: Flaxen

Color: Flaxen

TAS Laminate Flooring: Middleton

Color: Middleton

TAS Laminate Flooring: Westport

Color: Westport

TAS Laminate Flooring: Bison 

Color: Bison

TAS Laminate Flooring: Chestnut

Color: Chestnut

TAS Laminate Flooring: Foundry Oak

Color: Foundry Oak

TAS Laminate Flooring: Spelt

Color: Spelt

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Hardwood ONline Selection Coming Soon:

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